Alpha Alpha Phi Zeta - Laurinburg, NC

Alpha Alpha Phi Zeta had their first Blue Revue that help raise money for high school seniors that graduated in 2017. The pageant was a success and the chapter was able to give out several scholarships. 

Beta Lambda Zeta - Asheville, NC

Beta Lambda Zeta Chapter of Asheville, NC started a Debutante Ball in 1956. It is now then we called a Debutante Presentation.

Beta Nu Zeta - Greensboro, NC

Beta Nu Zeta Chapter has a history of Debutante Balls; the first one was held on April 26, 1952. The first Debutante was Zeta Florine Stafford who is still an active member of Beta Nu Zeta chapter current and Life Member of Zeta Phi Beta. Some years there have been 2 balls and some years there wasn't a ball held.  In the years without a ball the chapter has provided a scholarship program. 

​The purpose of the Pearls of Peace Foundation is to cultivate and encourage through funding high scholastic achievement, to study and help alleviate problems concerning African American girls and women in order to improve the socioeconomic status, and to fund projects that are of service to the community.

Chi Xi Zeta - Clayton, NC

Chi Xi Zeta’s Read Into the Future Book Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors or matriculating college students.  Each year a student is awarded a one-time payment of $500 dollars to provide financial assistance and academic support.  Outstanding students are acknowledged for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their dedication to making a substantial impact on their schools and communities.

Delta Zeta - Charlotte, NC

Each year the Zetas of Charlotte make a financial contribution through the Sarah Scott Schofield scholarship to help students achieve their academic dreams at colleges and universities, primarily in the Carolinas.  Established in 2003, the scholarship program recognizes the achievements and potential of high school seniors in Mecklenburg County.  The scholarship has been named to commemorate Zeta Sarah Scott Schofield, a charter member of the Delta Zeta Chapter. 

Through her career as an educator, Zeta Sarah Scott Schofield worked faithfully and tirelessly to help young people succeed in school.  We honor her memory and life's work by continuing her legacy of helping other young students excel in education.  We are proud to say that in the past ten years, the Zetas of Charlotte have awarded over $70,000 in college scholarships.

The Zetas of Charlotte Benevolent Foundations and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Delta Zeta Chapter are dedicated to the educational, social, and. cultural enrichment of young ladies as they move forward to assume leadership roles in the community.  Because, of this dedication, we have decided to sponsor a biennial Miss Blue Revue Scholarship Program  in which young ladies make their debut and, are presented to society in grand tradition.

The purpose of our program is twofold. First, through this program we offer workshops, community, service, projects and other activities aimed at preparing young ladies for college and beyond.  By participating in our program, each young lady has the opportunity to receive a scholarship to use in pursuit of a higher education.  Secondly, some of the proceeds benefit the Zetas of Charlotte Benevolent Foundation, the 501c3, non-profit affiliate of Zeta Phi, Beta Sorority, Inc. Delta Zeta Chapter.  Our Foundation is committed to being a resource to the residents of the City of Charlotte, offering local events such as a health fair, Community Easter Egg Hunt, "Bowling for Babies” and other charitable programs.


Eta Beta Zeta - Durham, NC

The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Eta Beta Zeta Scholarship is awarded annually to select graduating high school seniors who exemplify academic excellence, strong leadership, and community involvement. 

  • Applicants must be graduating seniors who reside in and attend school in The Triangle Area.
  • Applicants must attend an accredited college, university or post-secondary institution in pursuit of a degree within one year of graduation.
  • Applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale in order to qualify for a scholarship award. Applicants are required to submit an official high school transcript in a sealed envelope from the applicant’s school.
  • Applicants are required to submit two typed letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope.
  • Applicants are required to submit proof of completing a minimum of 20 hours of community service.
  • Applicants are required to submit a typed one page narrative essay.

Gamma Epsilon Zeta - Concord, NC
On April 21, 2018, the Gamma Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. held the Mildred Florence Stevenson Harvey Scholarship Brunch.  Mildred Harvey was the first African-American banker in Cabarrus County. She became a Zeta in 1952 and during her professional career as a Branch manager of Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Mrs. Harvey worked faithfully and tirelessly to help people succeed. In loving memory of her and her efforts, the members of this organization proudly continue to uphold her legacy.

At this event, four young ladies were awarded a one-time scholarship of $500 each for the upcoming school year. The recipients are as follows:  Danielle Hillie, Destiny Moore, Kyra Barrier, and Alexandria White.

Iota Sigma Zeta - New Bern, NC
The Iota Sigma Zeta Chapter incorporated the Blue Revue as a scholarship and community service program in 1982. During the past thirty years, the Chapter has awarded numerous academic scholarships to the contenders as well as to deserving high school seniors. The Miss Blue Revue Debutante Ball focus is on scholarship and finer womanhood. The participants are presented to society, a queen and a queen’s court is selected. Fifty percent of the funds raised by the participants are awarded to them upon admission to an institution of higher learning. During the months preceding the Miss Blue Revue, the young ladies are involved in numerous educational and personal growth activities.

Blue Revue Queens 

1982 Miss Carole Sue Kelley
2003 Miss Tiffany Michele Berry 
1985 Miss Sherry Valencia Dillahunt 
2006 Miss Jamaika Ayana Kornegay 
1988 Miss Shante` Helene Dillahunt
2009 Miss Beverly Murphy
1991 Miss Dororthy LaShawn Staton 
2012 Miss Ashanti Curry
1994 Miss Eboni Evans
2015 Miss Trevia Michella Knight
1997 Miss Monique Berry
2018 Kiouna Jonay Wooten
2000 Miss Kristen Jones 

2005-2015 Scholarship Awardees 


Jaimee Bullock
Krashunda Chadwick
Tara Gibbs
Jamaika Kornegay, 
Jasmine D. Smith,
Patricia Taylor,
Letcia M. Thomas 

Keyosha Byndon

Cheryl Frazier

Reinesha Jarman

Beverly Murphy

Briona Simmons

Chelsea Strayhorn 

Jamie Cherry

Ashanti Curry

Serena Davis

Tyasia Gatlin

Gabrielle Gavin

Travonda Haddock

NaKeitha Jones

Freniece Ray 

Trevia Knight

Alisha Sawyer

Jonhnae White

Cheyenne Wright

Lambda Eta Zeta - Lumberton, NC
The chapter works to make a positive difference in our community and this pageant plays a significant role. The Kiddie Blue and White Revue Pageant has a legacy that spans 36 years of presenting smart, articulate, and talented youth to the community. Funds raised from these events has allowed us to pour thousands of dollars into the lives of young people who have chosen to further their academic career at the university, college, or community college of their choice, in the forms of scholarships. These deserving students are recognized at the Annual Academic Signing Day Banquet sponsored by the National Pan Hellenic Council of Lumberton.

Omicron Zeta - Raleigh, NC
The Omicron Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated sponsored the first Blue Revue in 1948. This Blue Revue included both young men and young ladies as contestants. Among the prizes awarded were a bicycle, a radio and a pair of roller skates.

Throughout the years Blue Revue has expanded, as has the objectives for this event. Today our focus is on scholarship and finer womanhood. Funds raised by the participants are awarded to them upon admission to an institution of higher learning. Preceding the Blue Revue, the young ladies are involved in numerous educational and personal growth activities. Blue Revue culminates with a gala celebration as participants are pres
ented to society. In addition to selecting a queen, a queen’s court and an honor court are selected.

Psi Mu Zeta - Charlotte, NC
Sisters of the Dove Charity Fund, Inc. was established on September 22, 2014.  Our mission is to provide scholarship opportunities and other programs and/or services which improve the quality of life for disadvantaged youth, adults and communities in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area and to promote prenatal care participation and healthy behaviors of low-income women during pregnancy through the creation of Stork’s Nest Programs throughout the city of Charlotte, NC and surrounding communities.

Since 2014, we have awarded over $3000 in scholarships to nine (9) recipients.  Our scholarship, The Pearl Scholarship, recognizes female high school seniors who reside in Mecklenburg County, has a 3.2 weighted GPA and has been accepted into a 2-year or a 4-year accredited college/university.  Our scholarship recipients are recognized each year in the Spring at our annual Scholarship Recognition Event.

Psi Zeta - Henderson, NC
The Phi Zeta Chapter of Henderson, NC awards two scholarships annually.  Since the membership is mainly comprised of sorors from Vance and Warren counties, they issue a $250.00 scholarship in each county.  The chapter strives to recognize high school seniors who excel in academics, character, leadership, extra- curricular activities and community service.

The recipients must show official proof of enrollment in a college or university in order to receive the scholarship funds.  The funds are sent directly to the individuals.

​​Rho Zeta Zeta - Greenville, NC
The Demetriss “Dee Dee” Barrett Memorial Scholarship encourages young mothers in high school, Sorority member's relatives, and Rho Zeta Zeta Amicae to pursue their dreams of obtaining a college degree. Annually, the scholarship is presented by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Rho Zeta Zeta Chapter, in memory of a beloved member of the Sorority. Mrs. Barrett joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., through the Rho Zeta Zeta Chapter on November 21, 2008. She fought valiantly against lung cancer before passing on December 31, 2015.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Rho Zeta Zeta Chapter Blue Revue Scholarship and Community Service Program was reestablished in 2018. This Blue Revue included young ladies as contestants. The focus was scholarship and finer womanhood. Eighty percent of the funds raised by the participants will be awarded upon admission to an institution of higher learning. In addition, during the months preceding the Blue Revue, the young ladies were involved in numerous educational and personal growth activities. Blue Revue culminated with a gala celebration as participants were presented to the society. In addition to selecting a Miss Blue Revue, an honoree was also selected. The reigning Miss Blue Revue is Miss Khayla Donald of Winterville, NC. The reigning honoree is Miss Jasmine Kayla Rivers of Greenville, NC.

Founded in 2017, Doves of Wisdom (DOW), Incorporated birthed from a vision held by Rho Zeta Zeta Chapter Greenville, NC. DOW is a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization that serves the Pitt County, NC community and its surrounding areas. DOW is inspiring, empowering, and changing lives by remaining anchored in the founding purpose, which is to provide “wisdom today, tomorrow, forever.”

Sigma Rho Zeta - Cary, NC
The Finer Womanhood Foundation of North Carolina (FWFNC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping women live a finer life by improving the quality of life’s conditions. The Foundation has four focus service areas; Fitness, Family, Finances, and Fundamentals. The Foundation was incorporated in the state of North Carolina on February 14, 2008. The foundation's tax exempt status was awarded effective November 15, 2010.

FWFNC most recently partnered with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Sigma Rho Zeta Chapter (SRZ) to sponsor two scholarship fundraiser events. The Sapphire & Pearls Scholarship was held on June 3, 2017 and the Capital City Dance Explosion (CCDE) was held on September 30, 2017. Both events were held to raise funds to help with the provision of scholarships for Wake County high school students planning to further their education. During the Gala, a scholarship in the amount of $1000 was awarded to Ms. Nia Long for the 2016-2017 year and guests also contributed over 130 books to the Read and Feed Program. Sigma Rho Zeta has given away scholarship funds for the past 11 years but this year, the scholarship amount increased from $500 to $1,000. CCDE was a family friendly event that offered the opportunity for youth to display their talents in the area of creative dance. 

FWFNC also recently participated in the 32nd Annual Azalea Celebration sponsored by the WRAL Azalea Garden. In conjunction with SRZ, we were awarded 25 Azaleas and planted them on the perimeter of the Community Garden at Carpenter Park in the town of Cary, NC. Upcoming plans include partnering with SRZ’s Holiday Cheer program to help families in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and starting the plans for a Wellness Fair for the Cary community at large.

Sigma Xi Zeta - Morrisville, NC
The Sigma Xi Zeta Chapter has an established 501c3, the Morrisville Education & Community Service Enterprise. 

The foundation sponsors an annual scholarship, in the name of Bettye A. Murchison. We presented the first scholarship at the 2018 Eastern Regional Conference. 

Tau Theta Zeta - Pineville/Matthews, NC
The Tau Zeta chapter has awarded $500 scholarship annually to a high school female senior that met the following requirements:

  • Be an African-American female who is a current high school senior and is expected to receive a high school diploma by June of the graduating and attend college Fall of the graduating year.
  • Be accepted for enrollment with the intention of attending a post-secondary institution 
  • Be a U.S. citizen and Mecklenburg County resident
  • Have a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of at least 3.2
  • Demonstrate community involvement/volunteerism

Each year one recipient was selected based on the criteria above.  In 2017 – 2018 fiscal year the scholarship committee was revamped and Tau Theta Zeta hosted our 1st Annual Scholarship Oratorical Contest.  The process involved Two Phases:

Phase I: Application Process

  • Be high school senior and is expected to receive a high school diploma by June 2018 and attend College/University Fall 2018. 
  • Be accepted for enrollment with the intention of attending a 4-year College/University 
  • Be a U.S. citizen and Mecklenburg County resident 
  • Have a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of at least 3.0 
  • Demonstrate community involvement/volunteerism 
  • Write a 500 word essay one of two topics provided

Phase II: Oratorical Contest

  • Five female applicants are selected to compete oratorically using one of the two topics provided in the application process.
  • Judges selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  The 1st place winner is awarded $1,000.00, 2nd place winner is awarded $500.00 and 3rd place winner  is awarded $250.00

The Scholarship Oratorical Contest will be Tau Theta Zeta’s signature scholarship program.

Upsilon Xi Zeta - Plymouth, NC
Each year Upsilon Xi Zeta Chapter awards two scholarships for Washington County and Martin County. Sorors from the Scholarship Committee interview candidates who have completed applications and delivered them to their guidance counselor. The senior is evaluated on academics, community service, an essay, and an oral question and answer session about current issues. Then a rubric is used to score their points. The 2018 recipients are Laneka Phelps (Plymouth High-Washington County) and Zaria Brown-Williams (Riverside High-Williamston). Each 2018 scholarship is valued at $400.

Zeta Chi Zeta - Goldsboro, NC
The Zeta Chi Zeta Scholarship was established by the Zeta Chi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. in 2012.  The scholarship in the amount of $500 is awarded to predetermined/budgeted amount of recipients annually.  Applicants must submit a written application & official transcript.  The applicants are judge by the scholarship committee based on Service, Merit, Extracurricular activities & financial need.  Applicants must be female, high school seniors.  Zeta Chi Zeta awarded (4) scholarships in 2018.

They held their first Blue Revue in 1967 (then titled the Miss Wayne County pageant).  Since its inceptions over 400 scholarships have been awarded to young ladies who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, military leaders, business owners and the list goes on.  Starting in 2014 we recognized the need to include a segment for middle school students which we named the Junior Miss Blue Revue.  The fundraiser scholarship pageant includes activities and experiences which will help young ladies become well rounded and provide the young ladies with positive memories to carry with them for a lifetime.

North Carolina Zeta Scholarships

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